sand storm


Monument Valley

April 5, 2010

Monument Valley is a magical location with many faces.  We were under siege from the minute we arrived till the morning we departed.  The winds were relentless.  A constant wind howling from 30 to 60 mph.  The air was filled with red/orange sand. Everything was covered!

We braved the Monument Valley Drive that is a unpaved jeep road.  I would get out to take a shot of the most beautiful landscape that I have ever seen.  When I would run back to the jeep, my face, ears and eyes were caked with red/orange sand.

The most unexpected scene was that the Navajo actually live in this wondrous valley.  They still follow traditional lives and endure extreme nature.  We saw herds of horses and sheep grazing in the valley.  Wool is still spun for making textiles and blanket.

I do hope we can return and spend more time exploring this magnificent landmark.

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