Funnel Lily

February 18, 2011

Just wanted to share the good news about this image with you.  It is of a funnel lily shot in Moab Utah.  This image has been selected by the Utah Museum of Natural History at the University of Utah to be exhibited in a new gallery titled “LAND.”  I am honored to have been a contributing factor to this wonderful exhibit.

I will always remember shooting this lovely little flower.  It was all of 3 inches high sprouted out of Moab red desert sand.  I was out for an early evening walk from our RV site outside of Moab and discovered this little gem along the side of the trail.  It took me awhile to set up so as not to disturb the delicate soil.   After I had finished and packed my camera away, a group of 4-wheelers sped by and covered it in red dust.  It really struggled to survive in this desert landscape.

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