Rescue in the mountains

Ouray, Colorado

July 28, 2015

We set out for a day of jeeping with a group of old and new friends.  Heading up Yankee Boy Basin, we turned off near Camp Bird Mine.  Exploring a new area high into Richmond Basin, we found the landscapes just jaw-dropping.  As we traveled higher into the basin on a narrow shelf road that was really just a talus slope, snow drifts remained on the trail.  Steve (in the leader jeep) powered through the drift, but the second jeep (Brad and I) got tangled up in the deep drift and the rear end skidded out to the edge of the trail.  Brad remained cool and calm as Steve offered to attach a rescue strap and drag us over the snow bank.  I shoveled snow from around the tires as Steve attached the strap. It was an easy pull for him to drag us over the snow bank.  Thanks for the rescue, Steve.  Can’t wait to get the bill!


Photo credit to Steve.

Only 4 jeep traveled the next leg to 11,300 ft.  We stopped for this image of King’s Crown in the foreground and the Richmond Basin view looking back from where we came.  You may spot a few jeeps waiting below that did not pass the snow drift.

_DSC8661_2_3_2015-07-28-Richmond-Basin-Kings-CrownWe saw many waterfalls, cascades, high mountain ponds and fields of wildflowers on this amazing ride.  So much to see and explore in Ouray county and the Uncompahgre National Forest.




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