Red Mountain Mining Tour

Ouray, Colorado

September 11, 2016

We took a quiet, peaceful tour of the Red Mountain Mining District early this morning.  On the 15th anniversary of Sept 11th, the mood was somber.  Many mining towns sprung up in this area in the 1880’s with names like Guston, Ironton Park, Chattanooga, Red Mountain City, Hudson Town and Rogerville.  These now abandoned towns bring to mind the true spirit of America with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The miners embody the American spirit in my mind.

Our first stop was the famous Yankee Girl Mine with the first vertical shaft house in the area.


A view of the old Genessee Mine remains


My favorite is the Longfellow Mine with it’s beautiful setting high in the San Juan Mountains.


a close-up of the remains of the Longfellow Mine.


A view of the San Juan Mountains as the rain clouds closed in at over 12,000 ft elevation. Time to head down to a safer elevation.


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