Sunrise in Arches

Moab, Utah

May 6, 2017

The light and colors are so beautiful in Arches National Park at sunrise.  I enjoyed a solitary photo shoot today.  The colors where fleeting but at the Courthouse Wash there is a 360 degree view of many sandstone monuments.

The colors started at the Tower of Babel with wispy clouds turning pink and purple.

As the light increased, I hiked up to Park Avenue.

Here is the Three Gossips monuments above a sand dune.

A panoramic look back to the Court House and Towers of Babel as the sky lightens.

Because the traffic was not too crazy, I headed up the Windows Section of the park.  Here is the North Window as the sky clouded up.

I will leave you at the South Window framed in spring flowers.  Arches is best in spring.


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