Black Hills

Custer, South Dakota

June 28, 2017

While we enjoyed our time in the Black Hills, we were distracted by hunting for a summer home.  No luck this time but we will keep our eyes open.  I thoroughly enjoyed car pooling to Evan’s Plunge with a great group of local ladies.  The swimming and the company were  the best.  The hot springs stays a constant 87 degrees and is out of this world.  With all this fun, I did not take my usual portfolio of images but here are a few.

Sylvan Lake is one of my favorites with it’s granite monoliths.  Located in Custer State Park it is located at the start of Needles Highway.

The buffalo calves are growing fast but always close to mom.

Spotted a burrowing owl along the fence line in Wind Cave National Park.

A burrow and calf enjoying the prairie grasses.

A curious pronghorn portrait

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