Jaw dropping Crater Lake

Brad at Crater Lake      We had a wonderful time at Crater Lake NP today.  It was in the 70’s with blue skies.  What a pleasure to feel the breeze off the 78 inches of snow that still remained at the lake.  The deep blue water with the crystal reflections of the snow covered peaks studded with tall evergreens inspired awe in both of us.  It was a panoramic beauty to behold.  The park ranger said he was guessing at a total of over 500 inches of snow this season!  (and you thought you had a bad winter).  Interestingly, the lake never freezes over due to volcanic thermals in the base of the caldera.  The sign behind Brad reads “Stay off the roof.”

We are spending three days here camping in a forest with tall trees on a the Willamson River.  It is a very peaceful and tranquil place to take a deep breath and enjoy the just arriving spring surroundings.

Crater Lake NP, Oregon

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