Bear Tooth Scenic Highway

Cody, WY

July 19, 2014

The best place to escape the 90 degrees temps in Cody, WY in July is to head north on the Chief Joseph Highway to the famous Bear Tooth Highway.  The mountain peaks and valleys still have snow and the temps were in the low 60′s at 10,947 elevation at Bear Tooth Pass.  The tundra wildflowers were putting on a great show.

A view of Bear Tooth Lake with Bear Tooth Butte in the background.  Yes, that is snow on the butte.

_DSC7386_7_8_2014-07-19-Bear-Tooth-Lake-ButteThis is the high mountain Long Lake dressed with tundra wildflowers and snow in the Absoroka Ridge Wilderness area.

_DSC7410_1_2_2014-07-19-Bear-Tooth-Long-Lake2-wrmI created a panorama shot by stitching 5 images together.  This is the view from near Bear Tooth Pass with the famous Bear Tooth visible in the center right of the image.



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where the buffalo roam…

Custer, South Dakota

May 18, 2014

The wildlife loop in Custer State Park is always filled with wildlife viewings.  On a cold windy day in early spring, the new green grass shoots had got the buffalo on the move.  We had many sightings.  It can be like a Yellowstone traffic jam at times.





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April Action Car Show

Moab, Utah

April 26, 2014

Although the weather did not cooperate, the car show was just as outstanding as ever.  Here are a few old beauties that caught my eye.

Friday night cruise is fun to catch the sound and fury on the road of these great classics.

_DSC4845_2014-04-25-Moab-Friday-Cruise-Nite-grdThe rat rod category has grown with many new entries.

_DSC4885_2014-04-26-Moab-Auto-Show-grdThis 50′s Dodge Power Wagon was an eye-popper

_DSC4969_2014-04-26-Moab-Auto-Show-PowerwagonHad to include the 1968 GTO as my husband drove one in high school when we were dating.  Yup, that old.



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“The valley is vast…”

Monument Valley

On the Utah and Arizona borders

April 19, 2014

It is always amazing to visit Monument Valley in the Navajo Nation Tribal Park.  I had the pleasure of having a Navajo guide take me into the back country for sunrise at the Yei Bi Chei and the famous Totem Pole.  Here is a view just before the sun rose across the horizon.  The soft light created this warm sand color and the fresh spring greens.

_DSC4153_4_5_2014-04-20-Monument-Valley-Totems4Here is a panoramic view from the famous Artist’s Point looking west into the “Vast Valley.”

DSC-2014-04-19-Monument-Valley-Artist-Pt_PanoA view from the North Window.

_DSC3961_2_3_2014-04-19-Monument-Valley-AM-N-Window-crpThe light and skies are always changing here.  Can you picture John Wayne riding across this valley?  John Ford shot many famous movies in this valley.


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schnebly hill

Sedona, Arizona

April 4, 2014

Spring has arrived in Sedona!  We explored the red rock country in the Coconino National Forest along the always rocky, bumpy Schnebly Hill Rd.  The signs advise high clearance 4×4 vehicles.  Do you know the difference between a rental car and a jeep?  Well, a rental car can go anywhere.  We see it all the time on this trail.

Our first great early morning view of the beautiful red rocks of Sedona.

Sedona red rock

Sedona red rock

This is a view from the famous Merry-Go-Round rock looking down to Sedona from 5,000 ft elevation.  It snowed here the day before!


a poser pic of the patient jeep driver


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desert surprises

March 4. 2014

Queen Valley, Arizona

We took a short jeep ride out in Queen Valley on the E Hewitt Station Road looking for desert wildflowers.  I bushwhacked off the trail to get a shot of Roblus Butte in the saguaros.


After taking a wrong turn in a wash, I spotted these four desert bighorn sheep on a steep cliff wall.  Think they were coming down for a drink from the puddles left after the rain this weekend. They do wear their camouflage well against the chocolate color cliff.

_DSC0548-204-03-04-Montana-Mtn-desert-big-horn-sheep-wrm-crpThey were very curious but as another jeep approached they darted off across the cliff face.

_DSC0635-2014-03-04-Montana-Mtn-Desert-Big-Horn-Sheep-crpand then a leap of faith.. and it landed expertly with no fan fare.


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