Farewell to Crested Butte

Crested Butte, Colorado

July 23, 2015

We have enjoyed the many delights of Crested Butte this month.  The high mountain landscapes carpeted in a wild variety of wildflowers is nectar for the soul.  I will leave you with a few images that stick in my heart.

An old abandoned ranch along Ohio Creek Road.  A nice fixer-upper with mountain views…

_DSC6543-452015-07-09-Ohio-Creek-ranchThis lovely field of aspen sunflowers was gorgeous under that amazing sky.  The aspen’s always face the sun.  A scene along Washington Gulch with Mount Crested Butte in the background.  A lovely spot for a picnic.

Field of Aspen Sunflowers along Washington Gulch Crested Butte, Colorado

A rare treasure, deep blue columbine, found along the Wildflower Loop.


Along a fence line in Washington Gulch with Gothic Mountain in the background.

Early morning light near Gothic Mountain with wildflowers as far as one can see.


The last one on an old railroad tie in Washington Gulch.


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Alpine wildflower heaven

July 20, 2015

Crested Butte, Colorado

On a perfect Colorado day, we headed up Gothic Road to see the changing wildflower show. The delphinium and cow parsnip are just starting to drop their leaves but I found a few good ones.

Field of wildflowers along Gothic Road Crested Butte, Colorado

Paradise Divide, at 11,500 feet has an amazing assortment of alpine wildflowers.

Alpine wildflowers at Paradise Divide Crested Butte, Colorado

I love the Elephant’s Head…..  They are belly washers to capture.

Elephant's Head at Paradise Divide Crested Butte, ColoradoThe silvery lupines are sparse this year, so I was thrilled to find this clump with some beautiful marble the area is famous for.  Marble, Colorado is just over the other side of the Divide.

Silvery lupines with marble in Paradise DivideThe view at the top of the Paradise Divide ( 11,550 ft elevation) is amazing with a few Elephant’s Head for you to enjoy.

Elephant's Head at Paradise Divide Crested Butte, Colorado


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Sunrise at Gothic

Gothic, Colorado

July 18, 2015

Our photography group met at 5am for the “Sunrise Photography Workshop” presented by the Crested Butte Wildflower Festival.  It was a great group of serious photographers.  We set up along the East River in Gothic and waited for the sky to light up with color.  This is what I call the blue hour before the sun comes up.

Blue hour along the East River in Gothic, ColoradoAs the light painted the sky…… we all clicked away.

_DSC8127 8 9 2015-07-18 Sunrise Gothic 2This is a view of Mount Crested Butte in the distance along the East River lined with skunk cabbage in bloom.

_DSC8193 4 5 2015-07-18 Sunrise Gothic East Rvr MTCBA field of aspen sunflowers north of Gothic in the morning light.

Aspen sunflowers at dawn in Gothic, Colorado


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Crested Butte Wildflower Festival

Crested Butte, Colorado

July 17, 2015

The 2015 Crested Butte Wildflower Festival has been simply amazing.  I have been taking photography classes all week and seeing many new areas of wildflowers.  I am not done yet as I have a 5am Sunrise shoot tomorrow.  Thought I would post a few of the images I have had time to process.

My first class was “Wildflower Landscapes” with Dusty Demerson, a local pro photographer.  The weather was awful but we made the best of it.  This is taken from near Gothic Mountain as the East River carves it way thru this beautiful high country valley.

Gotich wildflower landscape Gothic, COLater that day, I took another 4 hour course entitled “An Evening of Wildflowers” with Jan Runge.  I found this scene high in Washington Gulch.


These prairie smoke wildflower where captured along Washington Gulch during my “Colorado Close-up” class.  They are just so unusual to see in the wetlands.

-DSC7860-2015-07-16-Praire-Smoke-Washington-GulchJan Runge spotted this monument plant and red paintbrushes along Washington Gulch.

Paintbrushes with a monument plant Washington Gulch Crested Butte, COIn my “Your Finest Wildflowers” class I snapped this lovely Creamy Buckwheat hiding in the shadows along Cement Creek.

Buckwheat Brush Creek Crested Butte, CO

Last evening Rebecca Ofstedahl (3rd eye photography) took a group out to Irwin Lake for “Water and Wildflowers.”  This is one of the beautiful waterfall created from the lake outflow.  It was truly a peaceful spot to contemplate this very full week of photography.  I promise to have a few more in the next few days.

Irwin Falls Irwin Lake Crested Butte, CO



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Crested Butte in bloom

Crested Butte, Colorado

July 5, 2015

We enjoyed an amazing jeep ride up Slate River Road to Paradise Divide and then returned on Washington Gulch Road.  The skies were dark and threatening but that did not suppress the traffic on the road from cars, mountain bikers or 4 wheelers.  Should have known better than travel on the 4th of July weekend.

Brad enjoying the view from Paradise Divide at 11,300 ft elevation.

_DSC6202_3_4_2015-07-05-Slate-River-to-Paradise-Divide-ortonThe wildflowers were best along Washington Gulch Road.

_DSC6274_5_6_2015-07-05-Slate-River-to-Washington-Gulch The state flower, the columbine, is very abundant this year.

_DSC6366_2015-07-05-Slate-River-to-Washington-Gulch-columbine-ortonViewed the columbines in large groups.  They are gorgeous!


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spring creek to taylor reservoir

Alton, Colorado

July 2, 2015

We enjoyed a jeep ride from Alton, CO up Spring Creek Rd to Spring Creek Reservoir in the Gunnison National Forest.  Spring Creek is a lovely waterway carving through deep canyons and open valley.

_DSC5784_5_6_2015-07-02-Spring-Crk-ortonSpring Creek Reservoir at 10,000 ft elevation is a peaceful fishing and picnic spot.  Stopped here for lunch to enjoy the view of the snow on American Flag Mountain in the distance.  We watched the rain clouds form but decided to forge on FSR 744 to Taylor Reservoir.

_DSC5895_6_7_2015-07-02-Spring-Crk-Resvoir-American-Flag-Mtn-ortonTaylor River flowing toward Taylor Reservoir.  Colorado has the most amazing landscapes and cloudscapes.

_DSC5913-Tayl_4_5_2015-07-02-Taylor-River-ortonFinally we spotted 2 juvenile moose in the wetlands near Taylor Reservoir.  Their fur was wet from the rain that had just stopped.

DSC_6750-D300-Moose-Taylor-ReservoirEnjoying the wetlands near Taylor Reservoir


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