schnebly hill

Sedona, Arizona

April 4, 2014

Spring has arrived in Sedona!  We explored the red rock country in the Coconino National Forest along the always rocky, bumpy Schnebly Hill Rd.  The signs advise high clearance 4×4 vehicles.  You know the difference between a rental car and a jeep?  Well, a rental car can go anywhere.  We see it all the time on this trail.

Our first great early morning view of the beautiful red rocks of Sedona.

Sedona red rock

Sedona red rock

This is a view from the famous Merry-Go-Round rock looking down to Sedona from 5,000 ft elevation.  It snowed here the day before!


a poser pic of the patient jeep driver


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desert surprises

March 4. 2014

Queen Valley, Arizona

We took a short jeep ride out in Queen Valley on the E Hewitt Station Road looking for desert wildflowers.  I bushwhacked off the trail to get a shot of Roblus Butte in the saguaros.


After taking a wrong turn in a wash, I spotted these four desert bighorn sheep on a steep cliff wall.  Think they were coming down for a drink from the puddles left after the rain this weekend. They do wear their camouflage well against the chocolate color cliff.

_DSC0548-204-03-04-Montana-Mtn-desert-big-horn-sheep-wrm-crpThey were very curious but as another jeep approached they darted off across the cliff face.

_DSC0635-2014-03-04-Montana-Mtn-Desert-Big-Horn-Sheep-crpand then a leap of faith.. and it landed expertly with no fan fare.


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Full Moon Cook-out

January 19, 2014

Gold Canyon, Arizona

What do retired folks do on a Saturday night in Gold Canyon, Arizona?  Well, we pack up our jeeps and head into the Superstition Mountains for a great vantage point to watch the full moon rise.  After  circling the jeeps, getting the fire started for the hot dog roast, we just sat back enjoyed the company, the sunset and the stars.  Life is so good!

DSC_8472_2014-01-18-Full-Moon-Cookoutthe alpine glow…

DSC_8498_2014-01-18-Full-Moon-Cookoutas the sun set….. priceless





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trail fun

Gold Canyon, Arizona

November 29, 2013

Brad rode along on a FMCA 4 Wheelers trail ride into the desert.  Elvis and Jack’s Handle  were the trails for the Arizonian rally on the day after Thanksgiving.  A good time was had by all.



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Out of Africa

November 16, 2013

Camp Verde, Arizona

Attending Kathleen Reeder’s Wildlife Photography Workshop at Out of Africa was an amazing experience.  Kathleen’s enthusiasm was infection.  She shared her photography skills and provide excellent composition advice.  The access the group was given to the wild animals was simply amazing.  I will let my photos speak for themselves.

We entered the park at 6.30 to shoot the lions, tigers and wolves at sunrise.  The park usually opens at 9:30.   This is Lazarus, an African lion, watching the sunrise with us.  Priceless.


The Bengal tiger was simply gorgeous in the golden hour light.


Dean, the owner of the park, played with the wolves as we shot away. This is Kanabe watching the action.

DSC_5567-2013-11-16-Out-of-Africa-wolfWhat is a trip to Africa without an enormous and curious giraffe.DSC_6253--2013-11-16-Out-of-Africa-giraffe-grdI don’t know what I said but…. Out of Africa is a must see.  Will attend again next year for sure.




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Jet boating the Colorado River

Moab, Utah

October 24, 2013

If you are looking for adventure away from the crowds in Moab, a jet boat trip on the Colorado River is your ticket.  The views along the river change as the red rock formations and 2.200 ft cliff walls pass by.

There were hints of subtle fall colors along the river edge.

DSC_3209_t2013-10-24-Moab-Jet-Boat-CanyonlandsThe locals call this section of the Colorado River Wall Street.  It is a famous rock climbing sight and the walls are adorned with old Indian writings.DSC_3588_2013-10-24-Jet-Boat-2-Wall-St-txtThe trip took us deep into Canyonlands National Park for a view of the Gooseneck and Dead Horse State Park.

DSC_3282_2013-10-24-Jet-Boat-2We saw a lot of wildlife including this small black bear cub who was sunning himself on a small sandy beach but headed up into the rocks when we approached.  No sign of parental guidance.

DSCN0083-2013-10-24-CP-Jet-Boat-bearour jet boats stops for a rest stop



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