a new day dawns

Monument Valley Tribal Park

Utah/ Arizona border


April 6, 2015

After a much needed rest, we are back on the road again with many great travel plans for this spring, summer and fall.

Caught these early shots of the sunrise at Monument Valley.  The blue hour overlooking the West Mitten, East Mitten and Merrimack Butte.  It is a magical place with only the sound of the winds gusting over the vast valley.


As the sun rises at the West and East Mittens…

_DSC2683_4_5_2015-04-06-Monument-Valley-sunrise-wrmThe golden suns rays reach the horizon and a new day dawns.



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Desert Snow

Apache Junction, Arizona

January 1, 2015

We woke up in the New Year to a beautiful desert snow storm.  The Superstition Mountains were frosted with the white magic.  The cholla cactus were also dusted with snow.  This is a view of the famous Flatiron peak in the Superstition Mountains.  A sight we will be enjoying from our new home in Apache Junction.


First light revealed this magical desert landscape from the lost goldmine trail.

_DSC1085_6_7_2015_01_01-Superstitions-am-2-snowThe famous “Elvis Church” from Apacheland with the snow-covered Superstition Mountains in the background.  Hundreds of great western movies where filmed at Apacheland.  This church was also used in many movies.


Finally a view of the magnificent Four Peaks in a snow storm.  This is a rare desert snow storm.  The snow coverage is all about elevation.  The lower desert in the foreground had not received any snow. Saving the best for last!



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Yellowstone River

August 19, 2014

Yellowstone National Park

We enjoyed the many views of the Yellowstone River.  This is before the river takes the jaw dropping  tumble over Upper and Lower Falls.

_DSC9183_4_5_2014-08-19-Yellowstone-RvrA view from near the famous fishing bridge on a perfect afternoon.

_DSC9213_4_5_2014-08-19-Yellowstone-Fishing-Brdg-crpThe long wooden fishing bridge over the Yellowstone River is always a popular fishing spot in the park.


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Clark Fork Canyon

August 13, 2914

Clark, WY

We followed the Morrison trail in the Shoshone National Forest into Clark Fork Canyon.  Here is a shot of the fast moving Clark Fork Branch of the Yellowstone River.  This is a very popular fishing area.  The road is quite rocky and bumpy.  The full 22 mile route would have been a very long day.

_DSC8944_5_6_2014-08-13-Clark-Fork-Canyon-Rvnear Bald Peak in Clark Fork Canyon

_DSC9007_8_9_2014-08-13-Clark-Fork-Canyon-RvrHave driven by Heart Mountain many times and this is the first time we stopped to take a shot in the early morning light.  This is cattle grazing land.  Wyoming has many diverse landscapes.  The other side of the mountain is the site of a WWII Japanese interment camp.  A sad chapter in American history.



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Yellowstone Magic

Yellowstone National Park

August 11, 2016

We started out early on our 229 mile loop from Cody, Wyoming along the scenic Chief Joseph Highway to Cooke City.  This is the northeast entrance to Yellowstone National Park.  A quiet side of the park that is packed with wildlife along the LaMar River and the LaMar Valley.  We headed south at Tower to Hayden Valley.  We were amazed at the amount of wildlife that we spotted and the traffic jams that went for miles.

A view of the Yellowstone River as the buffalo enjoy grazing in the early afternoon.

_DSC8857_8_9_2014-08-11-Yellowstone-Hayden-ValleyThis huge aggressive bull was rubbing his head on this tree, eating the bark and snorting at the crowd enjoying his antics.

DSC_6379-2014-08-11-Yellowstone-Rvr-Hayden2We watched this small flock of white pelicans fishing together along the Yellowstone River in the Hayden Valley.  They worked as a team to corral the fish and they swallowed them whole.



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Wild West Balloon Festival

Cody, Wyoming

August 2, 2014

The weather did not cooperate with the launch of the 19th annual Wild West Balloon Festival in Cody, WY.  The sunrise launch was delayed for an hour and a half waiting for the dark clouds to clear. Good thing they had lots of coffee and fresh donuts.

Here are a few of the balloons that caught my eye.

The first firing of the propane burner is the tricky part to get the balloon upright.  The sound really gets the crowds attention.


Humpty Dumpty was all together again.

_DSC7794--2014-08-02-WildWest-Balloon-FestivalUp, up and away….

_DSC7709_2014-08-02-WildWest-Balloon-Festival-gradLove the colors and feeling of total freedom.


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