Moab contrasts

Moab, Utah

October 9, 2015

As we prepare to depart from Moab, I wanted to leave you with some of my impressions.

Welcome to Mars.  The red rock is always a thrill to see.


A lonely cottonwood stands in the desert sands along Potash Rd near Canyonlands National Park.


Thelma and Louise point along the Potash Rd to the Schafer Trail as the Colorado River winds its way through Canyonlands.  The final scene of the movie was shot at these cliffs.

_DSC1740_1_2_2015-09-23-Potash-to-Schafer-Trl-Thelma-Louise-ortnWe love to head up the LaSal Loop into the Manti-LaSal National Forest to enjoy the aspens in their fall splendor.  This was taken from Geyser Pass Rd with LaSal Mountain peak.

_DSC2448_49_50_2015-10-01-Geyser-Pass-Rd-Manti-LaSal-NF-crp2The aspen groves along Geyser Pass are now my favorite stop.  The eyes are upon you.



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Fall in Moab

Moab, Utah

September 29, 2015

One of the best drive near Moab to view fall aspens and scrub oak colors is the La Sal Loop.  We took a side trip up to Oowah Lake in the  Manti La Sal National Forest.  The drive up was full of fall color.

_DSC2025_6_7_2015-09-29-LaSal-Loop-aspensThe required jeep shot

_DSC2045_2015-09-29-LaSal-Loop-JeepA view of the color around Oowah Lake.  Peace and quiet….priceless.


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Colorado gold

September 19, 2015

Silverton to Ironton Park, Colorado

We enjoyed a beautiful foliage ride starting from Ironton Park up Corkscrew Gulch to the Animas Loop.  The foliage colors are coming out strong.

The Durango Silverton Narrow Gauge steam train stopping at the Silverton was like a step back in time.

_DSC1242_2015-09-19-Silverton-train-station-crpThe aspens were gorgeous in the sunlight at Eureka, Colorado.

_DSC1189_90_91_2015-09-19-EurekaFinally, we stopped at my favorite aspen grove in Ironton Park.  I love to hike high up into the aspens and enjoy the many great views.

_DSC1362_3_4_2015-09-19-Ironton-aspensSadly we are bringing our Colorado summer to an end.  It was a great time enjoying the mountains, wildflowers, great jeep trails and good friends.

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The Alpine Loop

Ouray, Lake City and Silverton, CO

September 13, 2016

The National Scenic Backcountry Byway is called the Alpine Loop by jeep travelers.  It encompasses 75 miles of road carved through the breathtaking San Juan Mountains. Along the route we encountered the skeletons of numerous mining operations and ghost towns.

Our ride started with 7 miles along the  Mineral Creek connector.  It is a beautiful bumpy ride but this morning we discovered sections lined with golden aspens.


Under the category of “You never know what you will see,”  a herd of sheep came pouring over the mountain ridge toward Mineral Creek.  These areas of BLM land are used for grazing.

_DSC0514_2015-09-13-Mineral-Creek-sheep-herd-crpThis is a view from Engineer pass as we look back on the junction with Mineral Creek.


There is a 360 degree panorama point on a short side trip from Engineer Pass (12,800 ft elevation) and the view of the San Juan mountains is jaw dropping.


On Engineer Pass road we explored Capit0l City which was established about 10 miles from Lake City after silver discoveries in 1877.

_DSC0633_4_5_2015-09-13-Engineer-Pass-Capital-City2-txtLooking back after the climb to Cinnamon Pass at 12,640 ft elevation.


Wildlife was plentiful as we spotted a peregrine falcon, many deer, one moose, and a small herd of mountain goats along the route.  This curious young mountain goat was under the watchful eyes of the herd along Cinnamon Pass Rd.


an unsupervised young moose along Grizzly Gulch.


Yes, the 100 mile day was glorious with good friends, outstanding jeeping and great fall weather.  Priceless…….




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Animas Loop

Ironton Park, Colorado

September 8, 2015

We got an early start from Ironton Park and drove up the ever interesting Corkscrew Gulch.  The scenic old narrow mining road starts at 9,800 ft and climbs to 12,600 ft of elevation. This is a view near the top looking south to Red Mountain #2.  I can see why the gold rush fever was so strong here.  Had to be gold in a mountain that color.

_DSC0027_8_9_2015-09-07-Animas-Loop-Red-Mtn-2-Corkscrew-Gulch-ortnOnto the Animas Loop, we took a spur road to some glacial ponds with a view of the back ridge of Red Mountain #1.  It was very cold and windy so the reflection is not that great but I love the colors.


a view from 12,840 feet elevation at California Pass.  It was really cold and very windy up here.  The clouds were flying by.


Lake Como at 12,215 ft. below California Pass is like a rare gem in the rough.  You can see the road we jeeped up to the pass on and the still lingering patches of last winter’s snow.



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the mountain west

August 18, 2015

Montrose, Colorado

Richard E. Fike founded the Museum of the Mountain West in 1997. He is a retired historical archaeologist having served as state archaeologist for the Bureau of Land Management in both Utah and Colorado. Fike served on committees in both Utah and Colorado for the Federal & State Register of Historic Places and is an expert in historical restoration. Fike began collecting western memorabilia when he was 4 years old. He had his first museum in his parent’s guest room at the age of 8. By age 12, he had begun his card catalog of artifacts. This Museum is the result of Fike’s lifetime dedication to preserving the history of the west.  (excerpt from Museum of the Mountain West)

One of the many interesting old log cabins around the museum.

_DSC9507_8_9_2015-08-18-Mtn-West-Museum-ortonAn old work horse retired.

_DSC9546_7_8_2015-08-18-Mtn-West-Museum-BW-txtThe old blacksmith workshop that repaired wooden wagons.


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