August in Colorado

Montrose, Colorado

We have been enjoying summer in Montrose, Colorado.  There are so many things to see and do.

Olathe, CO is an agricultural community famous for it’s amazing sweet corn (which we have eaten our share of) but the sunflower fields were hard to resist.

The Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park is an awesome place to experience.  This is a shot of the Painted Wall.  If you look closely, you can see the Gunnison River carving it’s way through the canyon.  Dropping an average of 95 feet per mile in the national park, the Gunnison River is indeed carving a steep canyon.

Geologist Wallace R Hansen said “…no other North American canyon combines the depth, narrowness, sheerness, and somber countenance of the Black Canyon.”

Another of our favorites is Yankee Boy Basin.  The jeep ride takes you up over 11,000 feet elevation.  The twin falls that run down the basin are an amazing sight.  It is famous for it’s fields of wildflowers.

A few of the beautiful Indian paintbrushes found along the water.

Ridgway, Colorado has the famous Last Dollar Road.  It is a wonderful jeep ride that ends near Teluride.  Here is the entrance to the large Last Dollar Ranch.  I love to shoot the fence lines here with the San Juan Mountains in the background.

Another famous ranch in Ridgway is the Double RL Ranch (owned by Ralph Lauren).  This hay field was shot near the West Dallas Road with the Cimmaron Mountains in the far background.

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