capturing canyonlands national park

Merilee in Canyonlands

October 3, 2009

Moab, Utah

Brad snapped this picture of me while setting up to take a panoramic picture of Canyonlands National Park from high up on the Shaffer Trail.  Unfortunately my picture taking during the scenic ride that day was a failure due to my camera.  I shipped it back to Nikon Repair Center this morning.  The pains of separation anxiety are starting to set in.

The jeep ride deep in the many canyons within canyons was just amazing from all angles. We stopped at the location where they filmed the ending sequence from the movie Thelma and Louise where they drive off the ledge into the Colorado River.  Drove by the rock monolith that Tom Cruise climbed in beginning of Mission Impossible 2.  Brad’s picture gives you feel of the rugged red rock canyon walls and the salmon colored sandy ground.  It is truly a special place!

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