Sedona Vortex

Sedona from Schnebley Hill Rd

October 30, 2009

Sedona, Arizona

We have landed in beautiful Sedona just ahead of the big snow storms that hit the West this week.  It has been cold at night in the 30’s but warms up during the day nicely.  The cold weather caused us to eliminate a week at the Grand Canyon.  The weather forecast there called for low 20’s at night.  The last thing we need is to get snowed in at the Grand Canyon!

Brad has plans to jeep the legendary “difficult” rated Broken Arrow trail while we are here.  This time I hope I am calm enough to take some good pictures of the ride.  It is amazing scenery.

The deserts-capes with the red rock formations are easy to love but the Zonians are the most aggressive drivers of any state we have RVed in.   This is a picture taken looking into the town of Sedona from Schnebly Hill Road.  It is a very rough jeep road that is very popular with the jeep tours.  It has panoramic views and is jaw clenching bumpy to shake up the tourists and give them some bang for the buck.

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