Broken Arrow

Broken Arrow Sedona_dsc5961-broken-arrow-mp-bp.jpg_dsc5979-broken-arrow-jeep.jpg

Sedona, Arizona

November 9, 2009

Took advantage of a gorgeous sunny afternoon to drive the “difficult” jeep trail called Broken Arrow.  Brad had a smile on his face the whole way.  It is a very technical trail with many challenges.  The trail has a section called the “Steps.”  I did not attempt to walk down to take pics because it so steep and slippery with loose sand.  I did go down one section of Submarine Rock to take the third pic.  The second pic is us enjoying Submarine Rock.  The first pic is of a boy and his jeep at Chicken Point.

There is a large rock at the beginning of the trail that has a sign warning that if you can’t get over this rock do not attempt the trail.  Smart!

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