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Split Rock Lighthouse replica

November 12, 2010

Lake Havasu City, Arizona

It was surprising to find replicas of famous lighthouses dotting the shore of Lake Havasu.  In fact Lake Havasu is home to more lighthouses than any other city in America!  The 1/3 scale replicas are actual functioning navigational aids,built to the specifications of famous East and West Coast lighthouses.  There are currently 19 that dot the shores of Lake Havasu.

The Lighthouse Club is a non profit group of independent citizens dedicated to the preservation, improvement and promotion of Lake Havasu and has worked to place the lighthouse replicas on the the Arizona and California  sides of the lake.  Not only are they a delight to see but they provide valuable navigation tools for boaters.

My pic is a replica of the Split Rock lighthouse on the northwest shore of Lake Superior near Beaver Bay, Minnesota.

We have settled in nicely for a month here on the lake.  This area is where the Mojave and Sonoran deserts meet.  The Mojave mountains border the town and have provided wonderful sunrise and sunset moments.   Hope to capture a few for you.

Oh, yes and most importantly Brad has finally found an excellent Chicago style thin crust pizza!

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