Martinez Cabin

Florence, Arizona

February 15, 2012

Our ride on the Martinez Cabin trail was filled with surprises.  The trail was a memorable drive through stark rocky canyons and beautiful Senoran desert.

As we went through Box Canyon, a desert big horn sheep greeted us from high on the canyon ridge.  This majestic ram was very curious and seemed to watch us and we watched him.


We also leap-frogged a group of horseback riders along the same trail.  This”cowboy” didn’t mind posing for a second and then it was off clippity clop down the rocky trail.

cowboy rider

At the end of the trail is the abandoned mining mill.  The final 1/2 mile is a safer hike than ride although I did enjoy my adventure in the red jeep.


The canyon had many old cottonwoods with new spring leafs.  It is always a pleasure in the desert to find water and shade from trees.  We enjoyed our lunch in the shade along a running creek.


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