renaissance festival

February 25, 2012

Gold Canyon, AZ

Looking for a unique getaway? How about a trip back in time?

Escape to the Renaissance Festival where pleasure and celebration are the only orders of the day as decreed by the King!

The Renaissance Festival is one of the largest of the Renaissance events in the nation because it is really five Festivals all rolled into a giant, costumed fantasy village.

 My favorite event was the jousting competition.  The flash of colors and the strong horses charging were a rush of adrenaline.



 This is Sir Edgemont posing for the crowd.



 The costumed players set a beautiful table.


 The festival had many artisans demonstrating their crafts.  The glass blower was just amazing to watch the glass take shape.



Many entertainers were on the stages and  this is Pirate Shantyman and Bonnie Lass.  A good time was had by all.




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