Hungry Horse National Forest

Hungry Horse, Montana

July 26, 2012

FSR 895H took us up into the Swan Mountains overlooking Hungry Horse Reservoir.  The area was devastated by a large fire many years ago but is greening and growing now.  Here is a view from Doris Ridge looking down at the reservoir and into the Flathead Mountain Range.  I know why they they call it Big Sky Country.


As we came up the winding road, a moose was standing in the road about 150 yards away.  Now I have been dying for a moose shot for many years and never had a good one.  So we stopped and waited to see what the big bull moose was going to do.  As I quickly shuffled to get my 500 mm lens on, Brad said “Don’t get out of the jeep!”  What??? Now I have a deep respect for wildlife but I was getting a shot.  As the bull moved up the mountainside, I got out and shot from the road.  This is his first peek at me.  Kind of a shy inquisitive look. Notice his antlers make great sunglasses.


He watched awhile and then went back to munching.  He was a magnificent sight!


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