Owl Creek Pass

Ouray, Colorado

September 24, 2012

We took a jeep ride up to Owl Creek Pass and stopped in the aspen-lined field where they filmed the final shoot-out in the movie “True Grit”. Remember the scene where John Wayne leads the good guys with guns blazing toward the bad guys? This is the place….not a movie set!


Chimney Rock as seen from the trail.


It is always a pleasure to meet interesting people in our travels and Colorado never disappoints.  I was bounding down a tiny trail with all my camera gear in tow to get a pic of the Cimmaron Mountains and ran head on into Greg and his team.  He is a bow elk hunter heading into the national forest with his two pack horses for the elk season. They had everything they would need for two weeks in the packs.  I would love to hear how he makes out.  I am certain it will be an adventure.


We also enjoyed a ride on Last Dollar Road and the foliage was grand!  Nothing like a colorful quiet country road……


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