Crown King, Arizona

Crown King, AZ

November 26, 2012

We explored the old Crown King Road today on an old gravel road to the mining town of Crown King.  Gold was first discovered here in 1863.

Giant saguaro cactus with the Bradshaw Mountains in the background.


Sign for the Town of Bumble Bee, AZ.  My kind of town.  Population 19 people. 45 horses and 161 cattle.


Another view of the Bradshaw Mountains from Crown King Road.


With all the mines in the area, we spotted this claim sign where we stopped for lunch.


This old saloon was originally built in 1863 in Bradshaw City (an empty ghost town now) and moved to it’s present site in Crown King.  At 10:30 the music was rockin’ and the locals enjoying a beautiful day.


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