Moab scenic

Moab, Utah

April 13, 2013

We followed the Potash Road to the Schafer Trail in Canyonlands National Park today.  This is a wonderful jeep ride with amazing jaw-dropping scenery at every turn.

a desert scene near the potash evaporation ponds illustrates the beautiful light and colors of this area of Utah.


A view from Thelma and Louise Point, as the Colorado River continues to carve the canyons below.  Yes, this is where the final scene from the movie was filmed.  You can see Pyramid Peak and the snow-covered LaSal Mountains in the background.


the potash road as it passes below Dead Horse Point.


I was getting set up to click a pic of this beautiful spring flowering bush in Canyonlands when a Razor 4 wheeler sped past me at high speed.  Glad I was not in the road or it could have been very messy.


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