Our first big jeep rodeo

Taylor Reservoir, Colorado

July 1, 2013

We took a ride along Taylor River in Gunnison National Forest.  It is a fly fisherman’s paradise and a rafter’s dream.  This is taken from the South End boat landing.


Here is a view of Taylor Reservoir looking north to the mountains on a perfect day.


County Road 752 took us up the Union Park area.  The dirt road was a breeze and no hint of the trouble to come.


Our loop took us to the Lottis Creek trail which was increasingly narrow, rocky and blocked by cows.  The trail (such as it was) followed a talus slope and the meandering Lottis Creek.  We found ourselves in a very narrow bottleneck with a steep talus slope on one side and the rocky creek on the other with a herd of cows in front of us.  We used the jeep to move the herd out of our way for awhile but they had nowhere to go with the rest of the herd coming up the other way.  Eventually we found a spot to turn around and went out the way we had come.  I took this shot out of the jeep window before we found a spot to turn around.



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