triple crown burro races

Buena Vista, Colorado

August 11, 2013

Yes, I said burro races!  An event during the “Gold Rush Days” in Buena Vista features pack burro racing.  This is the final race of the triple crown. The race is a 13 mile event that crosses railroad tracks and the foot bridge over the Arkansas River.  It winds up into the hills and loops back into the finish line in town.  The serious runners must lead a burro loaded with 33 pounds of mining gear, including a pick and shovel on his saddle pack.

I perched above the river on a large granite rock to watch the racers run up the steep hill.  This is the first pack that were very serious about the race.


The next group was having much more fun as she carried on a comical two way conversation with her burro.


This is contestant #295 as displayed on his gold pan.  His runner was way behind him.


Finally, this is Bessie.  She was in last place and did not want to cross the wooden foot bridge over the Arkansas River.  Her runner said “Come on, Bessie.  This is our chance to get out of last place.”  Have not laughed so hard to watch her dig her hoofs into the dirt .  A crowd pleaser for sure.


Here is an early morning view of the Arkansas River from the river walk trail.  A wonderful hike…




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