Yankee Boy and Governor Basins

Ouray, Colorado

September 11, 2013

Two of the most popular destinations in Ouray are the beautiful Yankee Boy Basin and the nearby magnificent Governor Basin.  On a very overcast and drizzly morning, we headed up to the basins with Keith and Theresa, our RV neighbors.  Who wants to spend a rainy day in the RV?

Heading down from the Yankee Boy Basin in the alpine tundra.


some of the dramatic skies along our road near Yankee Boy Basin


Keith spotted a rough legged hawk perched on one the boulders along the Governor Basin.  I hope this identification is correct.  We enjoyed watching it on the boulder until a 4×4 came up the road and chased it off.


A view of Governor Basin from Mountain Top Mine with  a small mountain stream.


from the boulder field in Governor Basin



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