Out of Africa

November 16, 2013

Camp Verde, Arizona

Attending Kathleen Reeder’s Wildlife Photography Workshop at Out of Africa was an amazing experience.  Kathleen’s enthusiasm was infection.  She shared her photography skills and provide excellent composition advice.  The access the group was given to the wild animals was simply amazing.  I will let my photos speak for themselves.

We entered the park at 6.30 to shoot the lions, tigers and wolves at sunrise.  The park usually opens at 9:30.   This is Lazarus, an African lion, watching the sunrise with us.  Priceless.


The Bengal tiger was simply gorgeous in the golden hour light.


Dean, the owner of the park, played with the wolves as we shot away. This is Kanabe watching the action.

DSC_5567-2013-11-16-Out-of-Africa-wolfWhat is a trip to Africa without an enormous and curious giraffe.DSC_6253--2013-11-16-Out-of-Africa-giraffe-grdI don’t know what I said but…. Out of Africa is a must see.  Will attend again next year for sure.




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