desert surprises

March 4. 2014

Queen Valley, Arizona

We took a short jeep ride out in Queen Valley on the E Hewitt Station Road looking for desert wildflowers.  I bushwhacked off the trail to get a shot of Roblus Butte in the saguaros.


After taking a wrong turn in a wash, I spotted these four desert bighorn sheep on a steep cliff wall.  Think they were coming down for a drink from the puddles left after the rain this weekend. They do wear their camouflage well against the chocolate color cliff.

_DSC0548-204-03-04-Montana-Mtn-desert-big-horn-sheep-wrm-crpThey were very curious but as another jeep approached they darted off across the cliff face.

_DSC0635-2014-03-04-Montana-Mtn-Desert-Big-Horn-Sheep-crpand then a leap of faith.. and it landed expertly with no fan fare.


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