“The valley is vast…”

Monument Valley

On the Utah and Arizona borders

April 19, 2014

It is always amazing to visit Monument Valley in the Navajo Nation Tribal Park.  I had the pleasure of having a Navajo guide take me into the back country for sunrise at the Yei Bi Chei and the famous Totem Pole.  Here is a view just before the sun rose across the horizon.  The soft light created this warm sand color and the fresh spring greens.

_DSC4153_4_5_2014-04-20-Monument-Valley-Totems4Here is a panoramic view from the famous Artist’s Point looking west into the “Vast Valley.”

DSC-2014-04-19-Monument-Valley-Artist-Pt_PanoA view from the North Window.

_DSC3961_2_3_2014-04-19-Monument-Valley-AM-N-Window-crpThe light and skies are always changing here.  Can you picture John Wayne riding across this valley?  John Ford shot many famous movies in this valley.


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