Clark Fork Canyon

August 13, 2914

Clark, WY

We followed the Morrison trail in the Shoshone National Forest into Clark Fork Canyon.  Here is a shot of the fast moving Clark Fork Branch of the Yellowstone River.  This is a very popular fishing area.  The road is quite rocky and bumpy.  The full 22 mile route would have been a very long day.

_DSC8944_5_6_2014-08-13-Clark-Fork-Canyon-Rvnear Bald Peak in Clark Fork Canyon

_DSC9007_8_9_2014-08-13-Clark-Fork-Canyon-RvrHave driven by Heart Mountain many times and this is the first time we stopped to take a shot in the early morning light.  This is cattle grazing land.  Wyoming has many diverse landscapes.  The other side of the mountain is the site of a WWII Japanese interment camp.  A sad chapter in American history.



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