Moab contrasts

Moab, Utah

October 9, 2015

As we prepare to depart from Moab, I wanted to leave you with some of my impressions.

Welcome to Mars.  The red rock is always a thrill to see.


A lonely cottonwood stands in the desert sands along Potash Rd near Canyonlands National Park.


Thelma and Louise point along the Potash Rd to the Schafer Trail as the Colorado River winds its way through Canyonlands.  The final scene of the movie was shot at these cliffs.

_DSC1740_1_2_2015-09-23-Potash-to-Schafer-Trl-Thelma-Louise-ortnWe love to head up the LaSal Loop into the Manti-LaSal National Forest to enjoy the aspens in their fall splendor.  This was taken from Geyser Pass Rd with LaSal Mountain peak.

_DSC2448_49_50_2015-10-01-Geyser-Pass-Rd-Manti-LaSal-NF-crp2The aspen groves along Geyser Pass are now my favorite stop.  The eyes are upon you.



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