Glacier National Park

Glacier NP

Glacier National Park

St Mary, Montana

July 13, 2010

The wind has been blowing and gusting to 45mph since we arrived yesterday making doing anything outside difficult.  We were awestruck by the drive up the Going to the Sun road to Logan Pass as it was truly breathtaking.  The temperature was a very brisk 43 degrees at the pass with  steady and gusting winds.  Still the scenery was just magnificent and hard to comprehend the vast rugged beauty of the area.  Some of the statistic will show the magnitude of the park:

1,013,572 acres

175 distinct mountains

40 glaciers

200 lakes

563 streams

1,606 miles of streams

One could spend a lot of time here exploring, photographing and learning about the history and geology of this great park.  I have to say that each national park has had it’s own special and unique beauty but Glacier is all superlatives.

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