Going to the Sun Road

Glacier National Park

July 20, 2010

Glacier National Park

Often described as the most scenic drive in America, the Going to the Sun Road is far from just scenic.  It is truly magnificent in grandeur.   It is really difficult to convey the majesty in this “Crown of the Continent.”  This day we started in West Glacier and drove by Lake McDonald, old growth cedar forests, crystal clear Avalanche Creek, dozens of high mountain waterfall and glaciers.  It is truly a landscape formed by rock and ice.  The mountains just touch the beautiful blue sky in the most amazing way.

Okay, you must see Glacier National Park in your lifetime.  Put it on your list and find a way to experience it.  Of all the National Parks that we have seen, Glacier is truly on the top of the list.  The season here is very short as the road just opened on June 25 and is scheduled to close on Sept 21st.   While I do not take any stock in “the glaciers are melting” due to global warming,  I do believe that natural climate changes can affect them.  This is a must see.

This pic is taken from below Logan Pass of Gun Sight Mountain and Heaven’s Peak on the right.

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