Old Faithful

Old Faithful Yellowstone NP

Yellowstone National Park

August 28, 2010

On our first day into the park we left early to tour the Madison River section to the Geyser area. Yellowstone is truly amazing.  In the first half hour we watched a herd of elk graving in an open field along the beautiful blue Madison River.  There were buffalo along the way and one lonesome fellow heading to the river for a drink along a trail I am certain he has traveled many times.  The thermals in park are always a treat to view with the steam rising with the heat and sulfur smell.

With Brad’s usual good timing, we walked up to Old Faithful just as it erupted.  Beautiful treat to witness.  The crowds are down right now as the people are usually 5 deep to witness the display.

We camped out at the Great Fountain Geyser as it was scheduled to erupt in less than a half hour.  It is not as regular as Old Faithful and erupts every 9 to 13 hours.  It was a sight to see the steam start to build as the water filled the fountain tables and shot about 20 jets of water and steam.  It was a different eruption than we witnessed 2 years ago as it had only three big bursts.

Looking forward to exploring more of the park in the coming days.

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