the alpine loop

Lake City, Colorado

June 14, 2013

The Alpine Loop Backcountry Byway, a network of four-wheel drive roads that connects Lake City, Ouray and Silverton, traverses passes up to 12,800 feet while showcasing  old mines, ghost towns, natural wonders, beautiful wildflower and abundant wildlife.  These roads were originally paths used by Native Americans crossing the region.  In the 1880s, these trails were widened and used to access mines.  Today was time to explore nature and history amidst thrilling views at breathtaking elevations.  We started in Lake City on Cinnamon Pass and headed back on Engineer Pass.

We were greeted with fields of wildflowers in the alpine tundra zone.  The alpine tundra has a short growing season.  This lovely meadow was near the Cinnamon Pass at 12,600 feet elevation.DSC_4245_6_7_2013-06-14-Cinnamon-Pass-alpine-tundra-flowers

This is a view from Engineer Pass Road as we are about to reach Engineer Pass at 12,800 feet elevation.


Here is a view from Engineer Pass Rd looking back towards Ouray.


Here is the required shot of the snow bank at the Engineer Pass.  A truly exciting ride that I cannot wait to do again and again.



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