Engineer Pass Road

Lake City, Colorado

June 13,2013

We traveled 12 miles of the historic Engineer Pass Road which was a major stagecoach and freight route when it was opened in the late 1870’s.  Like so many other mountain routes in the area, it was built by Otto Mears as a toll road.  Leaving from Lake City the road follows beautiful Henson Creek.

Capitol City is a ghost town found along this road.  It was founded in 1877 and had a population of 400.  It’s founders wanted it to become the capit0l of Colorado, hence the name.  Here are tw0 of the remaining log buildings along the trail.


A view of Sunshine Peak from Capitol City.  The chalet is for sale if anyone is interested.


We took a side trip to Nellie Creek and spotted this 2 tier waterfall in a large aspen grove.  Yes, died and gone to heaven.


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