Colorado gold

September 19, 2015

Silverton to Ironton Park, Colorado

We enjoyed a beautiful foliage ride starting from Ironton Park up Corkscrew Gulch to the Animas Loop.  The foliage colors are coming out strong.

The Durango Silverton Narrow Gauge steam train stopping at the Silverton was like a step back in time.

_DSC1242_2015-09-19-Silverton-train-station-crpThe aspens were gorgeous in the sunlight at Eureka, Colorado.

_DSC1189_90_91_2015-09-19-EurekaFinally, we stopped at my favorite aspen grove in Ironton Park.  I love to hike high up into the aspens and enjoy the many great views.

_DSC1362_3_4_2015-09-19-Ironton-aspensSadly we are bringing our Colorado summer to an end.  It was a great time enjoying the mountains, wildflowers, great jeep trails and good friends.

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