on the road again

Mexican Hat, Utah

The Valley of the Gods

We are happily back on the road again after a much needed break.  Did not exactly escape the heat of Phoenix in Monument Valley where is was over 100 degrees.  Headed to the little monument valley called the Valley of the Gods.  It is a scenic sandstone valley that features stunning geologic formations.  The statuesque formations are sculpted from Cedar Mesa sandstone dating to the Permian period, around 250 million years ago.  Eroded by water, wind and ice over millions of years, the rock was carved into the unique buttes, monoliths (single massive stone or rock), pinnacles and other geological features as seen today.

A view of the Navajo Warriors defending the Valley for eternity.

_DSC6053_4_5_2016-07-24-Valley-of-Gods-ortna jeep view of the winding road through the valley on a hot summer morning.

_DSC6044_5_6_2016-07-24-Valley-of-Gods-jeepOne of the unique monuments in the valley.


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