The Yellowstone Experience

West Yellowstone, MT

August 8, 2016

We have been exploring the Yellowstone National Park and finding many great landscapes and wildlife.  Staying near the west entrance gives us the opportunity to drive along the beautiful Madison River.

_DSC6392_3_4_2016-07-28-YNP-Madison-Rvr-ortn-pmOne of the most powerful sights in Yellowstone is the Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River as it flows through the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.


We spent some time waiting for the Great Fountain Geyser to erupt in the Lower Geyser Basin.  It was worth the wait.

_DSC7165-2016-08-02-Fountain-Geyser-smlThe wildflowers are blooming along the Madison River near Mt. Haynes.  A lovely place to hike and enjoy the river.

_DSC7574_5_6_2016-08-06--Madison-Rv-ortnThe wildlife is just amazing and a thrill to spot them in the wild.  We watched a very large herd of buffalo come down from the hillsides, cross the Yellowstone River and head into Hayden Valley to graze.  A wonder to see.

DSC_7385-2016-07-29-YNP-Hayden-Valley-buffalo-ortn-txtA lone elk grazing along the Madison.  I was pressed to a large boulder and watched it graze for quite a while.  The camera noise finally gave me away.

DSC_7516-2016-08-05-Elk-Madison-Rvr-am-crp-enhanceda gray wolf

_DSC6537-2016-07-31-Grizzly-Wolf-DCGrizzly bear

_DSC6735-2016-07-31-Grizzly-Wolf-dc-grizzlyThe iconic Bald Eagle.

_DSC6859-2016-08-01-Grizzly-Wolf-DC-bald-eagle-crpCanada Geese are plentiful along the Madison.


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