the Yellowstone wildlife and landscapes

Yellowstone National Park

August 17, 2016

We are nearing the end of our stay at Yellowstone but have enjoyed the park every day.  The landscapes are truly unique here and the wildlife is amazing.  An early morning view near Grand Prismatic Springs.  The ridge in the background is the volcano tabletop.  Yes, remember we are standing in the caldera.

_DSC8184_5_6_2016-08-17-Grand-Prismatic-ortnThis is called a bacteria mat near Grand Prismatic Springs.  The colors are caused by different types of bacteria that can survive the extreme thermal temperatures.


We watched this pair of sandhill cranes from quite a distance.  Every time I took a step closer, they took 10 back.


Have seen Trumpeter Swans on the Yellowstone River (could not get close enough for a shot), Swan Lake and here on the Firehole River.  This famous bachelor often poses on this small sandbar.


While waiting for White Dome Geyser to erupt, I spotted these two buffalo fighting over a dust hole.  Nothing like a good dirt bath.


Spotted these two elks, grazing along the steaming Firehole River near Black Sands Basin.  They were very curious of the crowd that gathered to watch them.

DSC_8463_2016-08-16-Black-Sands-Basin-elk-d300-Firehole-Rvr-steam-tonemappedLet me know when you have seen enough elk images.  This gentle soul was taking a drink from the Madison River early Sunday morning.


Found a nice picnic spot along the Nez Perce Creek.  The famous Nez Perce Trail passes through the park.

_DSC7985_6_7_2016-08-14-Nez-Perce-Creek-ortnA young elk grazes under the watchful eye of a buck along the Firehole River. I must admit that I was focused on the young one and did not see the buck stick his head into the frame.



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