Yellowstone National Park

August 23, 2016

Yellowstone has an abundance of elk or wapiti (pronounce WOP-it-tee).  The names are used inter-changeably as they refer to the same species.  I see wapiti as a more poetic name as it is handed down by the Shawnee Indians.  It meaning is “white rump” and is a description that aids in their identification.

The subspecies of elk inhabiting Yellowstone and the Tetons is called the Rocky Mountain Elk, a native to montane forests and subalpine foothills.

This lovely youngster posed for a shot along the Madison River.


Taking a short rest break in a beautiful meadow

DSC_0114-2016-08-22-Madison-Rvr-am-elk-2-crp-txt-ortnA young buck crossing the Madison River


Finally on our last day in the park, I spotted a large buck taking a rest in the shade.  He was a beauty but never stood up for me.  A wonderful way to end our visit on the 100th anniversary of the national parks.


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